Paula Modersohn-Becker Project. Leben!

Using different spaces and understanding possible places of contemplation in the city of Worpswede, the idea was to create an installation that gave the public the possibility to reflect in the postcard as a visual souvenir and as an echo of the life of Paula. The viewer could see trough the windows, from outside, of the Information center, 5 minimal monitors the size of real post-cards with videos made upon the nostalgia for Paula. These very slow motion pictures or contemplative moving postcards that gave the sensation of been floating in the space.They also worked as a contemporary detonator for the absence. As estrange miniature paintings they hanged there, by the windows, with the silent aura and the deep coloratura of the mourning.

The main concept was to recall sensations and feelings expressed in some quotations of the Requiem of R.M. Rilke to Paula Moderson-Becker. 5 videos were shown simultaneously in the windows, each of them related to the mourning of Paula. The public had access to them within the possibility to buy an image. By obtaining a still-of –the-videos-printed-postcard inside of the store that includes a phrase on mourning, the viewer obtains a personal postcard that mourns Paula. The money obtained was donated to a children school for arts in the city of Worpswede making with this the link to important loves of Paula: painting and Children.