Das Wort/Die Stille (The Word/The Silence)

As part of the project “Day to Day in Weimar” in the context of the program Master of Public Art and New Artistic Strategies of the Bauhaus Universität and supported by the sponsorship of the Goethe Institut Caracas in the environment of the project “der Macht des Sprache”, I present a video-intervention that relates the daily and difficult condition of the immigrant with the surrounding world of meanings, with the new and complete faraway experience of the “other” trough verbs. This fuzzy state of loosing the self in translation transforms the reflection about the sign and the meaning into a bodily-related state of the mind. The word that before was a complex nostalgia of the past environment is now a new and particular corporal sensation related to the images that its touch reveals. The video consists of a game between word and image, where the poetic relationship is translated into contemplation. These series of video relate also with the silent, and the powerful instance in which the mind recreates it self in meditative situations. The word as an open door to understand the meaning of the soul, the word as silent witness of the agitate life of the brain, the word as presence and absence and as an excuse to be silent to listen to the internal fluids and, in terms of John Cage, understand the personal music.

The intervention “Das Wort/Die Stille” was conceptualized as an almost invisible installation in the index-card shelves of the library of the school of music Franz Liszt in Weimar. The idea is that a series of videos about the word and its significance as poetic discourse, in term of its impact in the comprehension of the language of silence, will be projected in a tiny screen that will replace for a period of a week the usual box of the index. This small installation is meant to create awareness on image and video as possible media to describe the word, as a translation dialogue between the world of the images and the power of the language; and over all, to talk to the users of the library, by whispering about the human condition of contemplation, about the ideal status of the word, that is the always silent and deep companion in the travel of the mind. In practical terms the spectator, the normal user of the index-cards, will observe a small change in its environment, a subtle discourse about silence and the real and abstract meaning of words.

This work will be shown again this year in the environment of the Goethe Institute’s year project in Berlin as a collective exhibition in the Goethe spaces in the capital. A subtle transformation has taken place due to size and the characteristics of the place, so the work, instead of using a complete index card dispositive, will use a small one, changing from the actual collective size of the library into a more intimate format.